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Welcome to Our Valuable Visitors
Metasco International, was established as OEM Manufacturing & Exporting concern in 1984 with our 40-years
back-up experience in our line of productions in different fields. The CEO Chief Executive of the company is
Mr. Khalid Mahmood (Chief Executive Director)

All partners of this company are well qualified in their fields of production and business having the Industrial and
technical education, working with us for long experience in their lines of productions. The company is originated
in Pakistan, with it main office in Sialkot City, having the memberships with following approved organisations:-

The Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry. SCCI
All Pakistan Gloves Manufacturers & Exporters Association.
The Sport Goods Manufacturers Association of Pakistan
Trade Development Authority  of Pakistan-TADP
Textile & Hosiery Exporters Association of Pakistan

METASCO International,is OEM Manufacturing & Exporting it products with fully latest equiped methods of
technology of modern era.  The company is engaged in the following lines of productions, having it own
separate manufacturing divisions and departments:- 

Nomex Flight Suits, Nomex Flyer's Coveralls, Nomex Gloves
  All Kinds of Sporting, and Industrial Safety Work .
Fashon Dress Gloves
All kinds of Cotton Safety Gloves. 
Fitness Gloves & Fitness Accesories.   
Hunting & Shooting Garments & Accessories.
     Leather Motorbike, Fashion Garments. 
Police, Army Safety Uniforms, Coveralls, Gloves
                  Leather Belts & Bages                   
SWAT Articles, Sports & Safety Wears.

Message from Managment
The mission policy of our company

The main Policy of our Company is to provide a best qualities products made of at our best workmanship,
competitive price level, ensuring a prompt deliveries and establishing a trustworthy business
relations between our
buyer's from Worldwide. Thanks God, our mangment is doing very succesfully and our
sales graph is on upward every year.

We are professional and Only Prfessionals knows their business,
Traders don't know, But only the OEM Manufacturer know their
Product Techniques, and we are
OEM Manufacturer & Exporters of our products.

Thanks once again for visiting our web site.  We remain.  
Khalid Mahmood
Managing Director - CEO 

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